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Charity Campaign

Reaching Others

Reaching Others, is about supporting people that are in need by making donations and non-profit funding for events such as animal rescue, abandoned kids, etc.

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"To Create an awareness on what is outside. To help others who cannot achieve. With a bit of effort and a helping hand we can make a single lifestyle better."

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"Our Vision is to make a world a better place. Donations towards a charity we pick will make a difference tomorrow. Making lives better for others and making process easier to complete without struggle."

By using the reference #ReachingOthers , 100% of the funds will go towards a chosen Charity.

Previous Charities

C.R.O.W. Fundraiser Charity

CROW - Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife

We did a Charity in November-December 2020 and managed to raised $525 towards CROW - a Non-Profit Organization. We then handed over the funds in 2021 and did a tour of CROW on how they manage the organization, looking and rehabilitating wild animals in need.

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